Prague – A Family Visit to a Historic City

Years ago, Bruce and I had planned a trip to Prague but life had other plans for us, so naturally, we had to make sure it made the list this time. Over the years, I’ve received mixed reviews of this Bohemian Capital but nevertheless, I wanted to be the judge of it myself. Prague did not disappoint. I can see … Read More

The Faroe Islands – Here Is Why You Should Visit This Gem

Faroe Islands -

It is no secret that we LOVE to travel and want to see as many places in the world as possible. We tried last year but only managed a smidgin, that being 25 countries. I daydream of our next destination and change my mind fairly often as it’s so hard to choose! But the Faroe Islands caught my attention. That’s mostly … Read More

My Favorite Museums In Prague

I spent two weeks in Prague and during our stay we visited a few museums and did a lot of outings. Two of them were my favorites. Noah’s Ark Noah’s ark is full of stuffed animals, small insects, weird fish and sharks. They had every cool animal, fish or mammal you could think of. They even had a stuffed wolverine … Read More

Strolling In Krakow

After days of bouncing between various cities, it was time to slow things down a bit. Two weeks in Krakow was exactly what we needed. We rented the perfect Airbnb! Our place was about a 10-minute walk to the main square, the grocery store and a green market just around the corner, and minutes from Vistula river with its romantic … Read More

A Return To Vienna

We were in Vienna 15 years ago. We spent two weeks in Austria hiking the alps and towards the end of our trip, made a short visit to Vienna. At the time, It wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. It was a bit of a shock coming into the city after spending most of our time in the mountains … Read More

Venice, A Bucket List Item

If you were to think bucket list items, Venice would probably be right at the top. Sure, it was definitely one place that we wanted to see as well, but I must admit, we ended up here because it was the cheapest flight out of Japan 😉   I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘off-season’ in Venice. … Read More