A Return To Vienna

We were in Vienna 15 years ago. We spent two weeks in Austria hiking the alps and towards the end of our trip, made a short visit to Vienna. At the time, It wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. It was a bit of a shock coming into the city after spending most of our time in the mountains and the rain didn’t help. We only spent a day visiting museums and were quite annoyed by rude tourists and escaped back into the countryside as fast as we could.

But, we wanted to give Vienna a second chance. We took an overnight train from Venice to Vienna and what a different experience we had. One word that comes to mind when describing Vienna – Grand!

It has this larger than life feel to it and makes it almost impossible to capture in photos. It was another short visit but this time the weather cooperated and we were able to walk around and enjoy the city.

We had an amazing apartment here but had to climb 150 stairs to get to it. Nope, there was no elevator. But, look at that beautiful door leading into it 😉

Plenty of chairs to sit and enjoy the beautiful parks in the city

Some nice street shots while walking around the city

Kasm looking up to Julius Caesar

Here’s something you don’t see every day! Mario carts racing around the city 😉

And the accordion always sounds better when played by a horse!