Montreal Activities – A Walk Around Beaver Lake

Montreal Beaver Lake

If you are visiting Montreal and I highly encourage you to do so, it’ll be difficult to miss the mountain smack middle of our city. What you may not know is that we got a lake up there that can be on your places to visit in any season of the year. Beaver Lake This man-made lake was constructed on an … Read More

Tuscany Road Trip Ideas

I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone to name a few places they would love to visit, Italy would be one of them. And why not? “Bel Paese” – say what? My attempt at sounding poetic 😉 That means “beautiful country” and there is no arguing that. Italy is ever-so-rich in culture, history, architecture, ruins, unbelievably delicious food, caffè and … Read More

Budapest – 5 Things You Must Not Miss

At one point or another, you may have heard Budapest being referred to as Paris of Eastern Europe. I don’t think it needs the comparison. A visit to this grand eastern European capital will leave you in no doubt of its beauty and the history it packs. Budapest, or as it used to be called, Buda & Pest, two separate cities, … Read More

Prague – A Family Visit to a Historic City

Years ago, Bruce and I had planned a trip to Prague but life had other plans for us, so naturally, we had to make sure it made the list this time. Over the years, I’ve received mixed reviews of this Bohemian Capital but nevertheless, I wanted to be the judge of it myself. Prague did not disappoint. I can see … Read More

The Faroe Islands – Here Is Why You Should Visit This Gem

Faroe Islands -

It is no secret that we LOVE to travel and want to see as many places in the world as possible. We tried last year but only managed a smidgin, that being 25 countries. I daydream of our next destination and change my mind fairly often as it’s so hard to choose! But the Faroe Islands caught my attention. That’s mostly … Read More