Where To See Penguins

If you ask me what’s one animal I would love to see during my travels, Penguins is what I’d blurt out! So where to see Penguins? Well, there are a few places in the world and Canada, sadly would not be one of them. I googled it ?

We were fortunate and lucky to see Penguins on our trip to New Zealand so I got to check that off my bucket list but as one comes off, more get added – and not just for the Penguins, although that’s definitely a bonus.

Antarctica – An Obvious Place for Penguins

This southernmost continent is pretty darn close to the top of my list of places I must see. Yes, it’s an ice-covered land mass that’s pretty much uninhabited and not to mention I hate the cold. But a chance to experience the incredible wildlife? Heck, I’ll put up with the cold.

Antarctica is home to 18 different species of Penguins, Gentoo and Emperor penguins are just a couple to name.

Alesha and Jaryyd from Nomadasaurus got the opportunity of the lifetime to visit this incredible land and share that experience on their blog.

“In a modern world where travel is becoming more accessible, and in some places oversaturated, there are few destinations as dramatic, mystical and elusive as Antarctica. For intrepid travellers around the world, Antarctica remains as the final frontier – a place that many dream of, but few seldom reach.”

Where To See Penguins


“After the two days spent crossing the Drake Passage we finally made it to the Antarctic Peninsula. From the moment the sun rose over the snow-capped peaks we caught our first glimpse of some of the remarkable species that call Antarctica home – gentoo penguins, minke whales, crabeater seals and countless birds. And that was just the beginning.”

Where To See Penguins
The most common species you’ll likely encounter in the Antarctic Peninsula are the gentoo penguins. They form huge colonies on every cove, island and beach, and are very curious of humans.



Yes, There Are Penguins on the Falkland Islands

A British overseas territory, this collection of 100 or so islands, sits just about 500km east of South America’s southern coast.  It is actually one of the best places to see Penguins as millions of them nest in the Falklands every summer. Perhaps not what comes to mind when planning your travels, but why not!

“An archipelago of over 700 islands located off the coast of South America, with more penguins than people and a feeling of remoteness that can only be found in the farthest reaches of the world? If the Falklands aren’t already on your radar then I’m here to tell you why they really should be!”

“The summer months of December to February are the most popular time to visit the Falkland Islands. The weather at this time of the year is mild, there are longer daylight hours, and the island’s wildlife is at its peak.”

Where To See Penguins


New Zealand

We got to see the rare yellow-eyed Penguins with our very own eyes and let me tell it was an incredible treat! You can see them near Oamaru on the South Island where we spent two weeks. Book that ticket, reserve the camper-van and get on the road. I guarantee you will fall in love with New Zealand.

We couldn’t get too close to the Penguins for obvious reason so the picture is not the best.


But if you want a close up of an Alpaca 😀




There are Penguins in Galapagos? Yes! They are the only Penguin species that live north of the equator. They don’t have that cute chubbiness of the other species but it’s possible that they might be the first ones to evolve from flying birds.

Another incredible wildlife experience, Galapagos is way up there on my list of places to visit.

Looks like Alesha and Jaryyd had the fortune of visiting this amazing place as well!

“We never thought anywhere would come close to the wonders and majestic splendour of Antarctica. The Galapagos rivalled it.

Where else in the world can you swim with penguins, snorkel with sharks, dive with marine iguanas, walk next to giant tortoises and admire incredible sunsets all in the same day?”

Where To See Penguins

And here is Nomadic Matt sharing his experience of this extraordinary land.

“You always hear that the Galápagos Islands are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see lots of wildlife (on land and in the sea) as well as unspoiled beautiful islands. After visiting here, I can tell you that these islands are definitely something special. They are incredibly beautiful, totally unique, and filled with such a diversity of life. I can see why they fascinated Darwin so much. I’ve already posted photos throughout the week, but even seeing photos before I left couldn’t prepare me for how wonderful they were in real life.”

Where To See Penguins


So where would you go to see these wobbling cute animals?

Make sure you brush up on your Penguins literature before that trip 😉

“Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love penguins? Graceful in the water and awkward on land, their entertaining antics are enough to melt the hardest of hearts.”Where To See Penguins