My Time in La Rioja Spain

My family and I spent a few days in the famous wine region of Spain called La Rioja. It was a pretty spectacular place and I did loads of things there but let me tell you my favorite things. During our Rioja trip, we went to the ruins of a Monastery where monks used to live. When you first come … Read More

A Fun Stay At A Spanish Farmhouse

We did a roadtrip in Spain and one of my favorite places was the farmhouse in Asturias. I liked it there because they had 2 dogs, 2 cats and a goat! And our hosts were really nice. I got to hangout with the animals a lot and played basketball outside. Thomas even showed me how he builds a rock wall. Here … Read More

A Visit To The Guggenheim Museum

My Family and I went to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao Spain. When we got there I was impressed by how crazy that building was, and in front of it was a huge bear-shaped sculpture that was made out of flowers!   But unfortunately, we couldn’t really see the outside of the building much because it was pouring rain outside. Once we walked … Read More

Our Spanish Road Trip

 We only pre-booked summer before leaving Canada, thinking Europe would be a busy place. As August came to a close, we’d been tossing around some ideas on where to spend September and October. Anywhere from Poland to Greece to South of France or even going back to Italy. Every day it was a different location and we just couldn’t decide! … Read More