Our Top Five Airbnb Stays In Europe

We spent four glorious months travelling through 12 countries in Europe. It seems like a lot doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it’s only 24% of European countries.  As most of our stays were through Airbnb, I thought it appropriate to get a list of our favourite places together. 1. Hope Barn – Fowey, Cornwall Where to begin? This was … Read More

Our Spanish Road Trip

 We only pre-booked summer before leaving Canada, thinking Europe would be a busy place. As August came to a close, we’d been tossing around some ideas on where to spend September and October. Anywhere from Poland to Greece to South of France or even going back to Italy. Every day it was a different location and we just couldn’t decide! … Read More

Cornwall AirBnB, Where to Stay

We’ve been on the road for a month now and have experienced a few AirBnBs so we have some comparisons. If you are curious about a Cornwall AirBnb, Cornwall, UK that is, then search no more. If you are looking for a quiet spot, off the beaten path a bit, and love to hike then I have a suggestion. We … Read More