Prague – A Family Visit to a Historic City

Years ago, Bruce and I had planned a trip to Prague but life had other plans for us, so naturally, we had to make sure it made the list this time. Over the years, I’ve received mixed reviews of this Bohemian Capital but nevertheless, I wanted to be the judge of it myself. Prague did not disappoint. I can see you getting overwhelmed if you just spend a weekend in this gorgeous city as that’s when tourists pour in by the busloads, and I mean that literally! But park yourself on the outskirts of town and spend a couple of weeks exploring it, you are bound to fall in love. And if you are a digital nomad family, this is a great spot to connect with other like-minded families.

Our Prague Walkabouts

Old Town

This is certainly what everyone comes to see. It’s straight out of a storybook. You expect the prince come galloping down the street looking for his princess at any moment.


Prague, River

Prague Train Station

But that’s just the icing on the cake. Prague has so much to offer and we could have easily spent more time exploring it. Two weeks was definitely not enough.

Exploring The Streets

Prague is a fantastic city for meandering, with lots of great markets to check out and delicious food and sweets to be had 🙂


We rented an apartment in Prague 3 also known as Zizkov. Location was perfect as it was only 20 minutes or so walking to the old town but you could also hop on the tram just around the corner. We had the best of both worlds, close to the hustle and bustle of Old Town yet we had the tranquillity of a suburb to come home to.

Prague, Zizkov
Our neighbourhood, Zizkov.

Vitkov Hill

Our apartment was located at the foot of Vitkov hill which houses the National Monument. This is one of the most important buildings in the development of the Czech statehood. We had to climb a lot of stairs to get up there but it’s worth it. The view is quite stunning.

Prague, Zizkov
A view towards Zizkov
Prague, Vitkov Hill
Jan Žižka, who defeated King Sigismund in 1420 in the Battle of Vítkov Hill.

Zizkov Television Tower

This certainly falls into one of those interesting places. Bunch of babies crawling up and down the tower? why not!!

Charles Bridge

You can’t go to Prague and not walk across this stunning Bridge. Try and do so on a weekday as weekends are pretty crowded.

Prague Castle

Sadly I have no photos of the actual castle. It was an impressive structure. It dates back to the 9th century and still in use as the official office for the President of Czech Republic.

But here’s a gorgeous view of the city from the castle!


Olsany Cemetery

This is the largest cemetery in Prague and was just a 20-minute pleasant walk (or scooter ride for Kasm) from our place. It is perhaps best known for its art nouveau monuments.

Out & About With New Friends

After a couple of months of just hanging out with us, Kasm was quite happy to meet some new friends. We were able to meet up with some amazing families here.

These traffic parks seem to be pretty popular with the kids. Not only it’s fun to bike and scoot, they get to learn about the traffic rules!

The kids got to do some exploring in the woods and some bow and arrows were made 🙂

This was a cool and rather unusual outing we had in Prague.  We had a tour of an old wastewater treatment in Bubeneč, Stara Cistirna. You might wiggle your nose a bit when approaching the building but you’ll get used to it and it’s a guaranteed hit with little ones and perhaps the big ones 😉



When it comes to museums that appeal to kids, Prague certainly wins the prize. Fun, educational and easy on your wallet, they make a great outing on a rainy day or any day for that matter.

Technical Museum

From cars to planes to old rotary phones and perhaps a little learning about space, there is something here to entertain kids of any age. The parents are sure to enjoy it as well.


Noah’s Ark

This is a long-term exhibition at the National History Museum and by far one of Kasm’s favorites.

Kingdom of Railways

If you love trains, then this is a must-visit place. A miniature model of the railway system in the Czech Republic, there are hundreds of metres of track running through villages and towns and you can experience it as it switches from day to night every few minutes.

And we can’t ignore my obsession with beautiful doors 😉


Hope you’ll enjoy Prague as much as we did.

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