My Favorite Museums In Prague

I spent two weeks in Prague and during our stay we visited a few museums and did a lot of outings. Two of them were my favorites.

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s ark is full of stuffed animals, small insects, weird fish and sharks. They had every cool animal, fish or mammal you could think of.

They even had a stuffed wolverine (which you don’t see in your average museum). Unfortunately, my mom accidentally deleted the photo 🙁

But here’s a cool monkey!

The maned wolf was pretty cool because it was two times as tall as me.

They had a black panther which is my favorite type of big cat.

The eye of the bear!!!!

He looks very curious 🙂

I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in the wild!

Isn’t he cute?

Can you spot the Devil Lizard?

I saw this fish in the waters of Thailand.

The Technical Museum

Another cool place I visited was the technical museum. It was huge and full of gadgets, cars, trains, planes and electronics. Most of it was old stuff. My favorite part was the transportation section. They also had areas for Design, TV Studio, Phones and also Astronomy gadgets.

In the transportation area, there were bicycles and motorbikes. Some were from the 1800s.

They had spitfires, modern day fighter jets, glider planes, propeller planes and even small old tiny drones. It was fun seeing all the cool stuff in the museum.

It was really fun visiting these museums and other ones but I also learned a lot. I hope you liked my post.

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  1. Luv Prague, beautiful city,Budapest also,really enjoyed your write up,brought back great memories.

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