Venice, A Bucket List Item

If you were to think bucket list items, Venice would probably be right at the top. Sure, it was definitely one place that we wanted to see as well, but I must admit, we ended up here because it was the cheapest flight out of Japan 😉


Venice, Italy
The Grand Canal

I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘off-season’ in Venice. You would see tourists arriving by bus-loads in the morning and I mean that literally! But don’t let that put you off from visiting this beautiful city. All you have to do is take a turn down one of the little alleys to get away from the crowd.

Saint Mark’s square is quite peaceful early in the morning but by mid-day, it can get pretty packed.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think Venice is gondolas. Taking a ride may sound like a very pricey tourist cliche but what better way to explore the many canals and soak in the romanticism of Venice!

And don’t forget to go for a walk across the Rialto for a beautiful view of the Grand Canal.

Venice is a great place to get lost in. Put the map away and take random turns down the little alleys and across the many bridges over the labyrinth of the canals.

And don’t forget to have a gelato!

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