RTW Itinerary – The “Plan”

As we get closer to departure day, I get asked often where the trip begins and what’s our route. With a huge smile on my face, I immediately answer Iceland! Then I go into a long monologue about the next few destinations and how most of trip is staying open! In case you are interested here’s the “plan” so far. It all begins in … Read More

Update – Less Than 2 Months to Go

Hi friends, been a while since we’ve updated you on our plans. Everything is a strong GO. We had the last of our vaccinations on Monday – I had no idea just how expensive that was going to be, north of two thousand dineros. Weird thing is, you’ll never really know if they worked. Hard to tell exactly what infections … Read More

July 2015 Update

A quick update before writing about a couple recent trips to Magog, Quebec and Quebec City – both of which were terrific. We started planning pretty far in advance and that has worked out great for us. It’s given me a chance to really work on the main online business – and that is now in such a state that … Read More