Itinerary – An Almost Round The World Trip

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Cairns, Australia, so I thought it’d be a good time to get caught up. We have had an incredible 7.5 months on the road so far and we still have a few more before heading home. Our original plan on going to South America after New Zealand was slightly modified 🙂

We’ve decided to head back to Europe to finish this amazing adventure before we go home.


Cairns – 4 Days

We were able to get some awesome snorkeling in Amed, Indonesia, so we decided to modify our Cairns plans and skip the oh-so-expensive tour and just enjoy rainforest walks here. The rain has us stuck indoors for now but we have a couple of more days, so hopefully, we can get out for some exploring before we leave.

Sydney – 9 Days

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can enjoy Sydney – With a day trip or two to the beaches, specially Coogee, where Bruce lived some 30 years ago!

New Zealand

South Island – 2 Weeks

We are REALLY looking forward to this part of the trip. We’ve splurged and rented an awesome campervan for the duration of our stay. Bruce is currently in the process of working on the itinerary. We’ll be mostly “freedom camping”.


We’re making this happen!! Our budget will take a huge hit but we knew there would be major regrets if we didn’t go to Japan. We’re spending a total of 19 days there. Kasm will be turning 10 in Japan and he is super excited about it.

Tokyo – 3 Days

Our Japan adventure will begin in Tokyo. I’m very nervous and excited about it as I’ve never been a huge fan of big cities. We’ll be activating our Japan Rail Pass on our last day to use for the remainder of our stay.

Kyoto – 9 Days

This will be a longer stay as we’ll be doing multiple day trips to Nara, Himeji, etc.

Hiroshima – 2 Days

Two days here with a day trip to Miyajima Island.

Unknown – 4 Days

We’ll either visit Osaka or go back to Tokyo depending on our initial impression of Tokyo.

Back to Europe

The three of us were in complete agreement when it came to this decision and this is where the “Round The World” slightly changes 🙂


Venice – 3 Days

A very short return back to Italy 🙂  We debated whether we should spend more time in Italy but our budget didn’t like the idea right now. Italy is definitely on top of the list of countries to return to in the near future.


Vienna – 3 Days

We were in Vienna 14 years ago! It was a very short visit then and the weather was terrible. I wanted to give it another chance.


Krakow – 2 weeks

We’re slowing down the travels here, not only this will great for our budget, it’ll also give us a chance to really enjoy the city.

Czech Republic

Prague – 2 Weeks

Another two weeks here to really soak in the culture. There is a big world-schooling community here and we hope to connect with other families here 🙂


Heidelberg – 8 Days

A totally random pick 🙂  I was looking for a place between Prague and Paris. I posted the question on the World Schooling facebook group and had a few suggestions. Thanks, David & Sarah for the suggestion. I think we’re going to love it here.


Paris – 3 weeks

I finally get my wish of going back to Paris. We’ve rented an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and I can’t wait to go back to some of our favourite spots 🙂

And that brings us almost to the end of our trip. We have about two weeks to organize before we head back to Montreal. We’d love to hear your suggestions? Just comment below where you think we should go after Paris before returning home 🙂



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