A visit To The Taipei Zoo

Today my mom and I went to the Taipei Zoo. It was huge! We saw lots of animals from lions to elephants and even penguins. It was a very nice trip.  The Zoo is divided into different sections – There was Tropical Animals, Australian Animals, Desert Animals, Reptiles, Birds and more.  Cool fact about the zoo – It’s 102 years old! I loved seeing all the animals and learning about them. Here’s a few I would like to tell you about.



The Panda was very cute, playful and pretty. You could tell the Panda was having fun. Once he went up the hill and came rolling down the hill!

Diet: Bamboo, and several other plants.

Habitat: China, and a few other Asian countries.



A leopard’s appearance is similar to its cousin the Jaguar, but has a smaller and faster body.

Diet: Antelope, Deer and other small rodents.

Competitors: Tigers, Lion, Hyenas, bears and African wild Dogs.




The Emu is a smaller, and slower version of an ostrich but yet coming in close because the Emu is the second fastest bird today.

Diet: Bugs, and plants.

Habitat: Australia.

Competitor: Big carnivorous mammals.

Weight:(Average) 31-37 Kg.



Boa Constrictor

This is one of the biggest snakes in the world and it eats its prey by squeezing it to death.

Diet: Small and big rodents, including other snakes.

Habitat: The Americas.




Lions are the Kings of the jungle, but not so strong against big herds of Buffalo and can be very vulnerable to them and can also be killed.

Diet: Buffalo, Wild Deer, Bucks and Zebras.

Habitat: Africa.


Lizard(I could not find the name of this particular Lizard)

Colours: Red, Black and White.

Description: This Lizard did not do much and he was fat, small and always sat on the edge of his enclosure.



African Elephants

They are some of the biggest mammals on planet earth and they use their huge ears to circulate the hot air around their body so that they don’t get overheated.

Diet: Plants, grass, weeds and etc.

Molars: Each molar weights 5 Kg.

Tusks: Length: 1.5-2.4 meters long.

Habitat: Africa.


I really Enjoyed my time at the Zoo. Here are some other photos I took.



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