Update – Less Than 2 Months to Go

Hi friends, been a while since we’ve updated you on our plans. Everything is a strong GO. We had the last of our vaccinations on Monday – I had no idea just how expensive that was going to be, north of two thousand dineros. Weird thing is, you’ll never really know if they worked. Hard to tell exactly what infections you don’t get but might have if unprotected. Still, if it means one of us skips getting nailed with Typhoid or Hepatitis then it’s the best investment ever.

Just about all our gear has been bought – we may do a little packing list post tomorrow. The only big expense left is our insurance.

Starting to seem unreal. After 2.5 years of planning, take off date is getting close. June 15 is our departure. Off to Iceland for the first leg of the journey. A couple days in Reykjavik then off to tour the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

A few friends have asked about the difficulty of planning a year long trip, thinking it must be a fairly crazy thing to organize. I’ll tell you there is only one thing that is tough to do, the rest is nothing but a list of little tasks that anyone could handle. The only hard thing is the decision to do it. Once that mental barrier has been breached, the rest all falls into line. For Baharak and I the decision was effortless as we both have the mindset of wanting to experience as much as the world as we can and having no fear of taking some chances. So when the idea came to us the only real response we both had was ‘Great, Let’s Go!’. As for the timing of it all, that was a little more calculated and is why it took us so long. We looked for a sweet spot with our son’s age. Not wanting to disrupt his formal education too much and finding an age where spending all day with his parents wouldn’t be torturous, we thought nine years old & grade four would be optimal.

A little about the early part of the trip. We start in Iceland in mid-June. Looking forward to experiencing almost a full day of sunshine. We booked a car so we should be able to get to some out-of-the-way spots, like these..

by the way, these images come from Amanda’s site, A Dangerous Business – take a look if you want to see a ton more travel images, she’s very good.


(Amanda/A Dangerous Business)
(Amanda/A Dangerous Business)
(Amanda/A Dangerous Business)
(Amanda/A Dangerous Business)

I only hope I’ll be able to take shots like this…

After a week in Iceland we’ll be off to London then Oxford, then a week or so in the south west of England, a little town called Fowey.

Look for our packing list later this week..