Walking Montreal – Parc Ave

Looks like Spring finally decided to make an appearance in Montreal so Bruce and I decided to get some rays and enjoy the city. We love to walk. We can walk for hours exploring this glorious town! One of the things I’d like to do is to get a couple of posts up about off-the-beaten-path walks in Montreal. I find there isn’t much said about that on the interwebs. Most will point you towards Old Montreal, Downtown, or Mount Royal. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we as natives spend a lot of time exploring those parts.

But…. There is just so much more to see

So stay tuned as my next article will be a detailed walk around one of my favorite areas! We actually did the walk yesterday but I wanted to go back and get you a detailed route to follow.

While we wait for me to put that together, here’s a couple of photos of a mini walk we did on Parc Ave just around the corner from McGill University where you’ll find the young, hip crowd hanging and chillin’. Ok so we ain’t young or hip but hey why not pretend 😉

You can get here from the metro – “Station Place-des-Arts”. It’s about 5-7 minute walk.


Just a random vintage poster on a wall on Parc Ave.


Looks like a cool place to “Chillax”! Perhaps we’ll stop by for lunch here on our next visit


Pullman wine bar – Shared couple of bottles of wine and some nibbles here with friends few weeks back. Great place to chill out, drink and have some good conversations


Inside Pikolo Café. My decaf Soy Latte was delicious!


Our August planning! A month split between Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia


Pikolo Café


Parc Cite McGill Residence. Just some cool art work 😉


La Cité towering over Eglise Notre-Dame de la Salette








2 thoughts on “Walking Montreal – Parc Ave”

  1. Nice walk! Here’s one route we “discovered”: start from the Plateau, zig zags south and cross the Jacques Cartier Bridge (great view of La Ronde in action) to Saint Helen’s Island. Then with one metro stop on the yellow line you’re back in the Plateau again. 🙂

  2. That sounds like a great walk! And if you start the walk later in the day on a “fireworks” night you can get a great view from the bridge 😉

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