Wellington Street, Montreal

Montreal Wellington street

Growing up in the burbs of Montreal I don’t recall Wellington being one of the city’s great streets. It was always quaint and a little run down. It’s now on a big upswing with quaint growing into cosmopolitan and run down into a hipster-cool environment. After hearing that our very own Wellington was named a Top Street in the World, … Read More

Renewed Dreams with Some Shorter Trips

Back in the saddle. It’s been five years already since Baharak, Kasm and I returned from a life changing adventure. We took our then nine year old son out of elementary school and spent a year traveling around the world with him. It ended up being a four-continent, twenty-five country trip of a lifetime. We have so many fantastic memories … Read More

Tall Ship Sailing – You Can Join In

tall ship adventure

Tall Ship adventures await. Did you know you can book yourself and a mate aboard any number of beautiful old ships? This is an adventure Baharak and I have been eyeing-down for a while now. It’s in the cards, just not sure when. Next year? We’d like to give our son a taste of it while he considers spending his … Read More

A Year of Travel

A year of travel

Yes – you too can do an adventure like this. Hi folks. We’ve been rather quiet on this site lately. I had it in my head that whenever we posted here (Facebook as well) it seemed like we were just bragging about all the wonderful things we saw and did while travelling. It felt too much like showboating. So we … Read More

Photography in Paris – an FYI

Photography in Paris

Last year my family and I had the great fortune of visiting 25 countries. Of them all, nothing comes close to Paris for the photographer. It has so much to offer, from the architecture & history, the quiet laneways, the people and monuments to the classics (being the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe). Whether it’s sunny or rainy, crowded … Read More