Tea Room in Montreal

A while back I said that we would be tourists in our own backyard and write about it here. Well.. I forgot about this thing called winter! Bruce and I would much rather hibernate than go outside! He’s been wanting to bring me out to “lunch” for a while now and finally decided to do it today! And of course it had to be the day I got on the scale and noticed winter has not been kind to me so I decided I must do something about it starting today… wait no.. I’ll start tomorrow 😉

So we braved the cold weather and drove out to the city. I couldn’t really figure out where we were going. I thought we were heading to Little Italy but he parked a few blocks South. We bundled up and walked up to a little place that you can miss if you blink. A little red door and a staircase heading up. It was a tea room! I’ve been wanting to go to a tea room for a while now! This is cool!

We climbed the many steps up to the restaurant and stepped into one of the coolest, most eclectic places I’ve been to in a while. I have to say , I’m thankful for the awesome camera on my iPhone as it would be awkward trying to snap photos with a camera  in a restaurant. So much more discrete to take pics with your iPhone!


Cardinal Door
Cardinal Tea Door – All doors should be painted red!


Top of the long narrow stairs – Just the beginning to a cool eclectic room


Enter Cardinal
And then you turn around…
Cardinal Teapot
Love the red tea pot ! and the oolong was delicious


Cardinal Feast
Our feast has arrived. I can’t even pick a favorite. Everything was just yummm


Cardinal Teacup
Who wouldn’t want to drink tea from these teacups!
Trying to discretely take a photo



So remember my “get in shape” plan?! Well it start right after these …


If you are in Montreal. Be sure to check this place out. The Cardinal Tea Room, located at 5326 Boulevard Saint-Laurent.