So, Apparently We Leave This Year

When you plan a trip for almost three years you can begin to wonder whether or not it will really happen. We’re now getting to the point where we can finally say that we’re leaving ‘later this year’ or ‘in a few months’. Those little phrases feel so nice.. fyi – we leave on June 15th.

Almost all of our gear has been purchased, been watching a bunch of ‘packing list’ videos lately – they are weirdly captivating. Not sure why somebody else’s luggage can command my attention like that, maybe it just makes things feel more ‘real’ knowing I actually need these tips now as we’ll be packing our own bags ‘in a few months’. ahh, nice little phrase.

Speaking of our bags, here’s what Baharak and I will be living out of for a year.

Osprey Farpoint 40

Nice pic eh? Gives me a reason to test out my new camera, a little Olympus OM-D 10, perfect for travelling and weighs 50% less than my DSLR.

Here’s one of the recent packing list videos I was mentioning. Likely it won’t be nearly as appealing to you as it is to us, but if you happen to also be planning a trip…

Came across another fellow traveler’s video earlier today and wanted to share it. She’s Canadian, travelling solo (brave), and just starting her vlogging pursuits – so, thought it’d be nice to share her material. Enter Sadia..


That’s about it, just a little update to say we are getting very excited as June is within reach. By the way, if you’re curious on how the idea for all this came to be, it was shortly after watching a terrific film by Emilio Estevez, The Way (currently on Netflix). In conjunction with the Mrs. and myself hitting our 40th and 50th b-days and feeling the need to do something memorable.