So, Apparently We Leave This Year

When you plan a trip for almost three years you can begin to wonder whether or not it will really happen. We’re now getting to the point where we can finally say that we’re leaving ‘later this year’ or ‘in a few months’. Those little phrases feel so nice.. fyi – we leave on June 15th. Almost all of our … Read More

Slowly Down the Lane-way of Time

  We must be nuts planning a trip over two years in the future. I’m hoping that once we’re on our way the 2+ year wait won’t be remembered as being sooo long. We’ll look back and see that we were smart to take the time to save up enough money so that we had a comfortable cushion, smart to … Read More

Very Early Planning

We’re still so far out from the Trip, the Grand Tour we’ve labelled it. June 2016 is our planned departure. Wife, 9 year old son (he’s only 6 now) and myself will embark what we expect to be a 13 month, 30 country voyage. Yesterday I came up with a loose plan to save up enough money, enough to have … Read More