Wellington Street, Montreal

Montreal Wellington street

Growing up in the burbs of Montreal I don’t recall Wellington being one of the city’s great streets. It was always quaint and a little run down. It’s now on a big upswing with quaint growing into cosmopolitan and run down into a hipster-cool environment. After hearing that our very own Wellington was named a Top Street in the World, … Read More

Tall Ship Sailing – You Can Join In

tall ship adventure

Tall Ship adventures await. Did you know you can book yourself and a mate aboard any number of beautiful old ships? This is an adventure Baharak and I have been eyeing-down for a while now. It’s in the cards, just not sure when. Next year? We’d like to give our son a taste of it while he considers spending his … Read More

Montreal Activities – A Walk Around Beaver Lake

Montreal Beaver Lake

If you are visiting Montreal and I highly encourage you to do so, it’ll be difficult to miss the mountain smack middle of our city. What you may not know is that we got a lake up there that can be on your places to visit in any season of the year. Beaver Lake This man-made lake was constructed on an … Read More

Tuscany Road Trip Ideas

I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone to name a few places they would love to visit, Italy would be one of them. And why not? “Bel Paese” – say what? My attempt at sounding poetic 😉 That means “beautiful country” and there is no arguing that. Italy is ever-so-rich in culture, history, architecture, ruins, unbelievably delicious food, caffè and … Read More

Photography in Paris – an FYI

Photography in Paris

Last year my family and I had the great fortune of visiting 25 countries. Of them all, nothing comes close to Paris for the photographer. It has so much to offer, from the architecture & history, the quiet laneways, the people and monuments to the classics (being the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe). Whether it’s sunny or rainy, crowded … Read More

Budapest – 5 Things You Must Not Miss

At one point or another, you may have heard Budapest being referred to as Paris of Eastern Europe. I don’t think it needs the comparison. A visit to this grand eastern European capital will leave you in no doubt of its beauty and the history it packs. Budapest, or as it used to be called, Buda & Pest, two separate cities, … Read More