Walking Montreal – Saint-Lambert, a Suburb

Often when we visit a new place, we tend to stay in the comforts of the well trodden tourist areas. Beyond that, there always lies little gems hidden away from most tourists and only known to locals. Perhaps I’m a little biased but I think my little town is one of those gems. And it’s really easy and simple to get to!

Saint-Lambert, an off-island suburb, is on the South Shore of the St Lawrence river and you can easily get here using public transport.

From Montreal, you need to take the yellow line of the metro to get to the South Shore. I highly suggest purchasing a TRAM fare as this will give you access to the buses here as well. A single ticket is $4 CAD.

Once you arrive at the Longueuil metro, you have a choice of 3 different buses (numbers: 6,13, and 15) will all get you to the village of Saint-Lambert. All will travel on Rue Riverside towards the village and you’ll want to get off at corner of Mercille Ave (Stop ID 33303).  click here for the bus schedule

Once off the bus, cross the street and walk towards Notre Dame street. Notice an old house just at the corner? Little bit of history here, this house used to belong to André Marsil, one of the first two permanent residences of Saint-Lambert, who settled here in the 18th century. It was converted into a textile museum called the Marsil Museum, although the museum has since moved to the Bonsecours Market.

Home to one of the first settlers in Saint-Lambert

Continue walking on Notre Dame street and in about 2 blocks, cross the street. You should be at the corner of Hooper and Notre-Dame. You’ll notice a park with a statue of a soldier in the middle. Lot of us locals refer to this park as the Soldier park, but it’s actually called Parc Mercille.

Saint Lambert played a large role during World Wars I & II. Our small city lost a total of 132 soldiers in both wars, this was a significant number of the young. The monument in the park is dedicated to the citizens who lost their lives in the wars.

Path to Saint-Lambert Cenotaph by Emanuel Hahn


In memory of the veterans of Saint-Lambert…

Walk diagonally through the park and cross the street to Mercille. You are going to take a little walk through an alley behind Mouillepied daycare. The alley can be accessed from the parking lot between the daycare and the dentist just at the corner of the street. I know it might feel a little weird going through the parking lot of a daycare but you’ll see the path immediately and it’s a really nice peaceful walk.

Ruelle Mercille

Take your time and enjoy the serenity of this little path. We often incorporate this little alley into our walks as it feels somewhat magical.

At the end of the alley turn right and you’ll be back on Mercille. Take a left and go up the street for about a block and then turn right on L’Esperance. This is mostly a residential area and you’ll notice a lot of old homes. L’Esperance ends at Notre Dame. There is a little gem of a restaurant that you’ll notice called BAZZ.

This is a “bring your own wine” and the food is amazing. If you plan to be in the area in the evening, why not make a reservation here for dinner. They have a beautiful romantic terrace in the back. Be sure to try the “tasting menu”.

Restaurant Bazz – 591 Notre-Dame Ave, Saint-Lambert

You’ll be turning left on Notre-Dame and in about a block, take a right on Horsefall. Before you turn, take note of the art gallary on your left. If you are an art aficionado, perhaps you’ll want to pop in and have a quick look.

Le balcon d’art -650 Notre Dame Ave, Saint-Lambert

Continue down Horsefall and cross Victoria Ave. You’ll notice the train station on your left and the street name changes to Saint Denis. Continue the walk down the street for a few blocks and take a right on Elm street.

From Elm, you’ll be turning left on Lorne then right on Aberdeen. You’ll pass by another lovely restaurant, L’Ancien Chablis.

L’Ancien Chablis – 52 Aberdeen St. , Saint-Lambert

After the restaurant turn left on Argyle. There will be a park to your right and the Saint-Lambert city hall to your left. You can cut through the park and continue your walk up Victoria Ave. You are now officially in the Saint Lambert “Village” with assortment of  small shops, restaurants and cafes. Why not take your time and enjoy some of these local spots.

Chat Perché – 406 Victoria Ave, Saint-Lambert – Toy Store – Kids will love this place!


L’echoppe des Fromages – Just around the corner from Victoria Ave.


Histoire de Pates – Check out their window displays! Always something to make you smile


The iconic Taylor’s department store


Little chilly? No problem, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and have a cup of coffee

Once you’ve enjoyed strolling through the village and perhaps browsing some of the little boutiques, why not take a left on Webster and enjoy a drink and/or snack at Le Webster, my favourite café in Saint-Lambert. If you are hungry, ask for the vegetable Ragout. It’s a hearty thick quinoa soup loaded with lots of delicious vegetables. They also make excellent green juices.

My favourite Coffee shop in town – 20 Webster, Saint-Lambert


Look at all the deliciousness waiting for you!

Hope you enjoyed your walk in my little town. To get back to Montreal, catch the bus on Victoria Ave, in-front of Taylor’s department store. Buses 1,6, and 15 will bring you back to the Metro.

Here’s also a couple of events in Saint-Lambert if you like to incorporate them into your walk.

May 31st – June 5th – Festival Classica

August 25th-28th – Saint-Lambert Days


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