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Very Early Planning

We’re still so far out from the Trip, the Grand Tour we’ve labelled it. June 2016 is our planned departure. Wife, 9 year old son (he’s only 6 now) and myself will embark what we expect to be a 13 month, 30 country voyage. Yesterday I came up with a loose plan to save up enough money, enough to have … Read More

Some Tips For The Budding Nomad Photographers

It seems that many Nomadics are also serious amateur photographers, some being very good. From time to time I’ll share some photography tips, mainly coming from the pros since I’m only a hack. Hope it helps with your own travel photography.   Lighting is the thing. bad light = bad image. So much amateur travel photography seems to happen around … Read More

Starting a ‘Round The World Voyage, The Decision

It all starts with the decision. My wife Baharak and I made a huge one a couple months ago. We want to see the world, we want to do it while we’re young enough and we want to share the experience with our young son. We decided that once Kasm finishes grade 3, which we think is an optimal time … Read More