Starting a ‘Round The World Voyage, The Decision

It all starts with the decision.

kasm-mt-st-bruno-1024x682My wife Baharak and I made a huge one a couple months ago. We want to see the world, we want to do it while we’re young enough and we want to share the experience with our young son. We decided that once Kasm finishes grade 3, which we think is an optimal time for him, we will depart for a year of travel. We’re still about 3 years out but already find things both daunting and incredibly enticing. We speak about it often and are just starting to plan a route and get informed on things like lifestyle/gear/location independent working. That’s the plan, I’ll work during the trip while Baharak takes a year sabbatical.

I’m fortunate to have a career that requires no office, no meetings, not really anything other than an internet connection, a decent laptop and my time. I like to call myself a publisher, sounds respectable. My main product is a popular website called The Hockey Writers. I’ll spare the details about the site and just say that it’s doing well. Also have about 10 other sites which I may bring up from time to time.

Since we are a long way off writing ‘getting closer – can’t wait’ would get pretty tiresome after a while. What I can do though is share a ton of great posts from those that are already on the road. Since we are starting a massive amount of research I can use this site to both save info for myself and share with you guys all sorts of gems. And of course if you know or decent posts or are Nomadic yourself please feel free to share. You can leave a comment or contact me at