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So Long Nazaré, And Thanks For All The Curry

After three and half months of bouncing around from place to place, it was nice to chill and bury our feet in sand for a month in the beautiful fishing village of Nazaré, Portugal. We passed our days by taking walks on the boardwalk or through the winding streets, swimming, visiting the market for fresh produce, or simply binging on Netflix at home.


boardwalk Nazare Portugal

Nazare Square


One of the best things about being here during October was that we practically had the town to ourselves. Walking along the beach, you’d only see a handful of people enjoying the unusually warm weather.


Donuts Nazare Portugal


We managed to almost resist the temptation of this amazing doughnut place along the boardwalk. How can you say no to freshly made chocolate-filled doughnuts? Only a few thousand calories 😉


boardwalk Nazare Portugal

The beautiful boardwalk where we spent almost every day taking strolls. It’s also a perfect place for bookworms.


exercise Nazare Portugal

We had an outdoor gym half-way down the boardwalk. We did admire it and thought it was a great idea but Kasm was the only one who was actually eager to use the machines 😉


drinks Nazare Portugal

Bruce and I thought this funky bar just on the other side of the gym on the beach a much better idea than exercising.

beach Nazare Portugal

beach Nazare Portugal

The warm weather also gave us a chance to enjoy the beach and the water – well, Kasm was the only brave one to go for a swim – ok, Bruce also did, Once 😉

The view Nazare Portugal

Nazare, Portugal

We also managed to get to the upper town a couple of times to enjoy the gorgeous view.

If you are visiting Portugal, we highly recommend you take a mini  trip to check out Nazaré. It’s just a short bus ride from Lisbon or Porto. Make sure you go to the upper town and check out the incredible waves Nazaré is famous for. If you are a seafood lover, there are plenty of restaurants for you to try. Funnily, our favourite restaurant was Indian! Little India is fantastic so if you don’t feel like fish, definitely give them a try.


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  • Linda November 5, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Very charming! Pictures of Kasm with his short hair still give me a start. 🙂