Delhi, Part Deux

The last two days of our Indian adventure was a return to Delhi. I was NOT looking forward to it as our initial experience of Delhi was absolutely terrible.

Well, it actually turned out to be a pretty nice visit! Our train arrived late at night at the Hazrat Nizamuddin train station, which a month ago had given us some serious culture shock. Not this time around 😉  We walked out of there like a boss and called an Uber. There was plenty of craziness going on around us outside but this time we didn’t seem too fazed by it. We waited and waited for Mr Uber to arrive but for some reason, the car that accepted our request seemed to just be parked and not moving! So we went looking for it and found him taking a nap! Seriously? Guess who didn’t get a good review?

We eventually made it to our hotel and it was glorious! We splurged for the two nights and got ourselves a pretty decent hotel. $150 per night seems like a lot to spend in Delhi but we wanted comfort and a decent shower! I could actually wash my hair! woohoo 😉

The next day we had our very own tour guide! Last year, while volunteering at Kasm’s school, I got to know some of the lovely staff. One being Ann and she mentioned her sister was going to be working at the High Commission of Canada in Delhi. I got in touch with Ann’s sister Cindy while in India and her husband Kale brought us on an amazing tour of the Spice Market and the surrounding area. We walked in alleys that I would have never dreamt of going near. It was fascinating and a photographer’s dream. After a few hours of walking around Delhi and getting a much different experience than our first visit, we headed back to their house at the High Commission. We had such a great evening. Kasm had a blast playing with Spencer and we enjoyed a lovely evening with fellow Canadians. We look forward to hosting them in Canada some day.

I’ll leave you with some nice shots Bruce captured during our outing with Kale.

Don't Wait Here
Kale and Kasm waiting for me to get through the crazy security at the metro station


















Delhi Food Cart


Not too many photos of the three of us together. Thanks, Kale!

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  1. So glad you had a good second visit in Delhi…just look at that spice market! Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued happy travelling?

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