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A Few Days in Malmö, Legoland and More

Windmill in Malmo

We spent five fun-packed days in Sweden and Denmark and it was a blast. It helped that we had our very own personal tour guide, Rick Smith. Bruce and Rick have been friends since High School. Yup, they go back a LONG time.

After an interesting flight with Ryanair, we landed in Copenhagen rather late. Rick and Caelan met us at the airport to pick us up, even though it was past Caelan’s bed time. Oops sorry about that Rick!

We drove across the bridge to Malmö. This might sound rather geeky but it was pretty neat driving across it after watching the show Bridge, which Bruce and I really enjoyed.

We ended up staying up late chatting and catching up. Probably not the best idea as we were leaving for Legoland the next day, but hey that’s what friends do right?! The next day we packed up the car with two very excited kids and three tired adults and headed to Legoland.

Just like the song from the Legoland movie… EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. It really was. This place isn’t just for kids. Even adults would love and appreciate it.

It's made out of Legos!

It’s made out of Legos!


Boys going for a ride

Boys going for a ride


Photographing Legoland

Photographing Legoland


Being Giants at Legoland

Being Giants at Legoland


Can it take off?

Can it take off?

Driving a Lego Boat!

Rick & Caelan driving a Lego Boat!


Kasm & Caelan having fun with Photo Booth on the iPad

Kasm & Caelan having fun with Photo Booth on the iPad

We had two fun-filled days at Legoland and Lalandia Water Park, which the kids enjoyed just as much as Legoland. You should have seen the look on their faces when we walked into the Water Park. Oh wait, I took a photo 😉

THIS PLACE.. IS .. AWESOME - Says their faces

THIS PLACE.. IS .. AWESOME – Says their faces


Boys after going through a huge water slide

That was a cool water slide! Let’s do it again – And they did a FEW more times

We got back to Rick’s Friday night and spent a very nice Saturday exploring the city. Malmö is beautiful and there are huge parks and playgrounds everywhere. Nobody seems to be in a rush and they bike everywhere. There is something to keep everyone happy whether it’s cobblestone streets and squares to explore, green spaces and gardens to relax and enjoy or an amazing beach to chill out by. Luckily we got to enjoy all of them.

Walking around beautiful Malmo

Walking around beautiful Malmo


Look! My favorite wine in Sweden!

You found my favorite wine ?! – Malmö, Sweden


Nice to see old friends

Nice to see old friends


Boys being boys...

Boys being boys…

Sunday night, while the kids enjoyed a night out at an indoor playground (Thanks to Emma for watching them! ), Bruce and Rick went to see a movie and I spent the evening with Hannah whom I hadn’t seen in 6 years! It was really nice to catch up and we had a great time. She borrowed a bike for me so we could get around more easily. We started the evening by having dinner at a middle eastern restaurant, then a tour through some nice parks in the city and made our way to the beach to watch the sunset. Obviously, we can’t watch the sunset without wine, so a pit-stop to grab a bottle!

Hanging out, sipping wine and watching the sun go down, not too shabby eh? I may have broken a couple of Swedish laws. You know the drinking at the beach, biking while a wee bit tipsy and then there was the “no light” on my bike thing.

My ride for Sunday night outing with Hannah

My ride for my outing with Hannah


Wine in cups at the beach? Why not! - Malmö, Sweden

Wine in cups at the beach? Why not! – Malmö, Sweden

For some reason, I thought we were leaving for Hungary Monday night. We even started packing during the day and emailed our Airbnb host to confirm arrival. Thankfully he replied back right away and reminded me that our reservation wasn’t for Tuesday! Oops

On the bright side, we had another day in Sweden. Yey!

Rick suggested we go for a hike and we headed to Söderåsen National Park which is about an hour away. It was a great way to end our stay in Sweden.

Boys after hiking in Söderåsen National Park - Sweden

Boys after hiking in Söderåsen National Park – Sweden


Boys with Chewie

Boys with Chewie

After double and triple checking our flight information, I was very certain that we definitely were leaving on Tuesday 🙂

Our flight was in the evening so we headed off to spend a couple of hours in Copenhagen. We had lunch in Nyhavn while people watching and then a boat tour of some of the attractions around Copenhagen. If  you only have a couple of hours in Copenhagen, this is the best way to condense as much as you can into your visit.

The Beautiful Picturesque Copenhagen

The beautiful, picturesque Copenhagen

Scandinavia has really impressed us and we can’t wait to go back some day. I would personally love to spend more time in Copenhagen.


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  • Sarina Al-Rahi August 2, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Hi Kasm I hope you’re having fun on you’re BIG trip around the world and it sure does look like it . I can’t wait until you come back !!!!!

    • Kasm August 3, 2016 at 4:55 am

      Hi Sarina. Hope you are having a nice summer. I am having a lot of fun travelling. We are Budapest now but we leave for Croatia tomorrow ?

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