Day 3 – Drive from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Time to explore another part of Iceland. We rented a car for the remainder of our stay here. Our car reservation was for 8AM and of course I set the alarm to make sure we were up and about. I managed to get one of the boys (the one that can drive) out of bed by 7:30 but according to him, no need to rush to get the car so quickly, not like they’ll give the car away , he says. Meh, ok…

Well the two boys finally went off to get the car at 9AM. It’s close to 10AM and still no sign of them. I get an EMAIL from the car agency telling me my husband is running late. Ha! Apparently they show up with the car at the bus station and since we weren’t there they drove the car back to the airport. At least they were nice enough to come back. The FEMALE type is always right! And perhaps the husband should get a cell phone?!

We start the drive towards Stykkisholmur in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It’s about a 2-hour drive. We were barely ten minutes into the drive when the gorgeous scenary begins and we MUST pull over for some pictures. Ouf! This drive is going to take more than two hours 😉

Kasm resting after trying to catch up to the lambs


photographers at work


Laxá Kjós – Just outside of Reykjavik


Oh look sheep. We can’t not pull over!

Of course, they all ran away once we started walking towards them. If you squint really hard you can see them running for their lives 😉

I see lambs!

And then there were the waterfalls. As we pull over, we joked around that there must be so many of these and the Icelandic people must chuckle when they see tourist pulling over taking photos of them. Sure enough we must have seen at least 20 of them on our short drive.

First of many waterfalls

Let’s not forget the horses. They are stunning! We didn’t get close to one yet. Hoping tomorrow we can go say hello.

Icelandic horses

We made a pit stop for a coffee and snack at Geirabakari Bakery and Café that came highly recommended by IheartReykjavik. Bruce can vouch that the chocolate-covered cinnamon rolls were excellent.

Geirabakari Bakery and Café

We finally made it to Stykkisholmur. It only took 4 hours 😉

Our airbnb is once again is perfectly located and very cute. We dropped our bags off and went off exploring right away.

We walked to the lighthouse which is located on top of the basalt island Súgandisey. The Island was recently connected to the mainland and it has a fantastic view of the town.

Stykkisholmur Harbour


basalt island Súgandisey


Light House

We decided to go out for dinner tonight. We tried a fish restaurant as per our airbnb host’s recommendation. The fish of the day was catfish which was just caught outside the harbour and I ordered the lamb goulash. No wonder the lambs were running away from us 😉

We tried our first Icelandic beer! which was almost free. After we paid our bill and walked out, we said to each other how inexpensive it was so we looked at the bill and realized they didn’t charge us for beers. We asked Kasm what would be the right thing to do and he said we should go back and we did. The waitress seemed very grateful that we did so.

Icelandic beer anyone?

Time for another drive to check out a lava field not far from town. And wow!!!! I don’t think the pictures can do it justice. It really felt like we were on the moon. The lava field is covered with thick moss and is extremely bouncy. We had to be careful where we stepped as we weren’t sure what was exactly under the moss. Kasm, our rock expert was totally in awe. He said, and I quote “This is the most amazing thing for me”


Lava Fields


And that folks, concludes our day 3. We just managed to get the child to go to bed and Bruce and I are on computers sorting through pictures and organzine our media. I have a lot of video footage to go through and that’s only for 2 days. And the little one also took tons of photos that requires editing and we will get his post up soon. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.


7 thoughts on “Day 3 – Drive from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur”

  1. Hey Kian! According to our rock expert (that would Kasm 😉 ) , it is Obsidian! Also a quick google search of the area tells that it is ;-). Kasm loved walking around the lava field. It’s so different and feels like you are on another planet!

  2. Ok that is sooooo cool!! I’ve been so curious about these lava fields. Everything looks like there’s a grey filter over it !! Lovely pics video and lovely writing as usual. This is like a good book that I get to read for a year:) xoxo

    • Thanks Dee! Only been 5 days and I’m already behind in my writing! Kasm took a cool shot of the lava fields while we were driving and I’ll try and get his post up once we are in England. He’s been writing in his Journal daily and we’ll get those up along with his pictures and videos !

  3. I’ll surely improve on the video front. Feel bad that I veered away from Kasm while he was talking. Just learning this stuff.. Easy to use though so you can expect a bunch more video. Very happy to hear from you guys… thanks for commenting.

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