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Chester, Best Preserved Walled City in Britain

The medieval city of Chester, founded in 79 AD by the Romans will leave a lasting impression on you with its beautiful black and white buildings, the most gorgeous Cathedral and the wall which encircles this medieval city.

We spent three days here which gave us plenty of time to explore this beautiful town. If you are visiting Chester, be sure to have your cameras ready as you’ll be snapping photos in every little corner.

We arrived at our hotel late afternoon after a long but enjoyable train ride from Cornwall. The Holiday Inn is very well situated. Close to the train station and the city center. We much prefer staying in apartments as it gives us a chance to cook our own food but for some reason, it wasn’t very easy finding an Airbnb near Chester and the hotel price was much more agreeable.

Once we settled in, it was time to go in search of food. I don’t know how we ever managed without the internet! Thanks to an article in the Guardian, we had an amazing late lunch at The Brewery Tap.

The Brewery Tap - Chester, England

Brewery Tap – Chester, England


The Brewery Tap - Chester

The Brewery Tap – Chester

We highly recommend their Braised beef and Old Wavertonian pie!

With happy full bellies, we went off to explore the streets. You can’t go more than a few feet without wanting to stop to take photos.

Chester, England


Chester, England

Chester, England


Chester, England


Chester, England


Chester, England

Bruce & Kasm – View from the Rows


Kasm Chester Town Center

Enjoying the view from the Rows


Kasm Hollingdrake, Chester, England

Kasm practising his balancing move – Chester

On our second day, Kasm had a great idea to walk the whole wall. Why not!

Roman Walls, Chester, England

Walking the Roman Walls – Chester, England


Chester Bruce 1966

Good year eh!

We don’t normally go exploring inside of churches but this Cathedral was just so stunning, how can we not!

We even met a lovely gentleman named Bill and had a great chat about the Cathedral.

Kasm Chester Cathedral

Kasm taking a little rest – Chester Cathedral


Union Jack

Union Jack – Chester Cathedral


Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral


Chester Cathedral


WWII Memorial - Chester Cathedral

WWII Memorial – Chester Cathedral


Outside of Chester Cathedral

Courtyard of Chester Cathedral

If you are a wine aficionado, a visit to Corks Out is a must! As always, the people we meet seem to leave such great impressions on us. The guys working at the store really know their stuff. The recommendation, South African white – Jordan,  was fantastic. If you aren’t travelling with a child, why not do a wine tasting!

Corks Out - Chester

Corks Out – Chester


Corks Out Chester Wine

Corks Out – Chester

Breakfast or lunch at Hanky Panky is definitely a must. Can you say no to pancakes layered with Bacon, soaked in maple syrup with a fried egg on top?

Hanky Panky Chester

Hanky Panky Pancakes – Chester


Hanky Panky, Chester, England

Hanky Panky Pancakes – Chester

We really enjoyed our visit to Chester and we hope you enjoyed browsing through our photos.

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  • Linda July 15, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Oh wow, never seen anything like this!!

  • Paul July 18, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    So many cool places. Great photos !!