Japan – The Land of Tranquility & Beauty

Japan didn’t quite make the ‘list’ when we initially planned our trip, but as we inched closer to it, we knew we couldn’t skip it. The Japan travel bug was planted long ago by our friend Gail Tatabe and she even gifted us some Japanese currency before we left home. We couldn’t bring that back home now, could we? 😉 … Read More

Bali, A Paradise On Earth

We spent just a little over three weeks in Bali, Indonesia. Initially, Bali was going to be all about the beach with just a couple of days inland, but that changed when we got to Ubud. We fell in love. If there is a paradise, it’s Ubud! We started in Sanur, just a 20-minute drive from the airport, but having been … Read More

A visit To The Taipei Zoo

Today my mom and I went to the Taipei Zoo. It was huge! We saw lots of animals from lions to elephants and even penguins. It was a very nice trip.  The Zoo is divided into different sections – There was Tropical Animals, Australian Animals, Desert Animals, Reptiles, Birds and more.  Cool fact about the zoo – It’s 102 years old! … Read More

Taipei, Taiwan – An Underrated Travel Destination

I’ll admit, Taipei was never on the radar for us. It didn’t make the list of countries we wanted to visit. When it came to the Far East, Japan was where we really wanted to go. We were looking for a location to spend a few days in between Thailand and Indonesia and initially considered Cambodia. We were close to the border … Read More