A Visit To Venice, Italy

After a few months in Asia, we decided to go back to Europe and we started in Venice. We only spent three days in this beautiful city but I really loved it. Here are a few interesting facts about Venice. Did you know …

  1. Venice is shaped like a boot – A boot inside a boot! Because Italy is also shaped like a boot.
  2. There are 416 bridges but 72 of them are private,
  3. There are three major bridges across the Grand Canal. Accademia, Rialto and Scalzi. We crossed two of them during our stay. There is an also a fourth bridge but funny enough, it’s falling apart before the old ones!
  4. There are some really narrow streets. In fact, one of the photos I took is my dad walking through one.
  5. Saint Mark’s body is buried in Saint Mark’s Basilica and we stayed just around the corner from it.

I had fun taking photos in Venice, I hope you like them



5 thoughts on “A Visit To Venice, Italy”

  1. Love your photos Kasm! What a great and cool journey you are living. Enjoy! Xx Jessica (Laurent’s mom)

  2. Great job, Kasm! You’re becoming a real blogger! And an excellent photographer! We may be a bit late but we would like to wish you all the coolest things in the world for your 10th birthday. Take care and have fun, Nataly&Jeroen

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