Kerepesi Cemetary, A Garden Of History

[Written By Kasm]

Today we went to a huge cemetery probably the biggest cemetery I have ever seen! The cemetery is home to huge structures and statues. Some were interesting and some depressing.  It made me feel like I was surrounded by dead people, which is unsettling. However, I thought that all the statues were very impressive.

To tell you a little bit of history about this place. It’s called Kerepesi Cemetary. The cemetery opened in 1847. It is the biggest outdoor statue park in Europe. It is 56 Hectares of land. One Hectare is about size of a football field. Lot of famous Hungarians are buried here. It was damaged during world war II.

When the Communists were in power, they didn’t let people bury their family here. They created a Mausoleum which is the only part ever mentioned. My dad took a photo of it which is the top photo.

I took these pictures while we walked around.















Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest
Communist Mausoleum, Budapest

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  1. Very interesting.Quite impressive how large you described the cemetery to be.I could imagine how you felt.It must have been thrilling but also exhilarating.Man I wish I was there.You describe it so well you just make me jealous!You capture the beauty in the statues so well.Considering my mother is a photographer,she would be proud!Good luck on the rest of your adventure!

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