Iceland – From the Eyes of a Child

My family and I spent a week in Iceland. It was the first stop of our trip around the world. Our very first destination was Reykjavik. One day we went to the Concert Hall and from the third floor window we saw a spectacular view of the mountains and the coast. After that we went for walks around the city. I saw bands playing on the streets and they were really good.

These are some of the pictures I took.

Church - Reykjavik, Iceland
Church – Reykjavik, Iceland
The Flying Cat - Picture of a Picture
The Flying Cat – Picture of a Picture

After Reykjavik we rented a car and went to Snaefellsnes peninsula which was so beautiful. We saw some pretty amazing stuff during our drive. We drove by waterfalls, lots of sheeps and horses, lava fields and so much more.

We walked through some of the lava fields and it was really cool.

We met some friends one day and did a tour of the peninsula. We did a cool hike along the coast and then went to the black beach. It was the coolest beach I have ever seen with black pebbles. The water made such a cool sound when it would hit the little pebbles.

Stykkisholmur - Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Stykkisholmur – Snaefellsnes Peninsula


Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Snaefellsnes Peninsula


Black Beach - Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Black Beach – Snaefellsnes Peninsula

I also got to see the Geysir, hot spring that erupts every few minutes. It was so cool but smelled of rotten eggs. We also saw the coolest waterfall. It was called Gulfoss.

Geysir Eruption
Geysir Eruption


Gulfoss Waterfall - Iceland
Gulfoss Waterfall – Iceland

After that we went for a hike up a mountain to a river that was hot. The hike up the mountain was quite annoying as there were these bugs that were just ERRR!!!

But when we actually got to the hot spring it felt so good. We wanted to stay there forever.

Here’s a couple videos I also did on my Iceland trip.




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