A Walk Around Montreal’s Expo 67 Site

There are days when sitting on the couch eating roasted nuts and watching 5 episodes of Sherlock Holmes on Netflix is absolutely the best use of your time. But there are also days when a little hands on exploration is called for. Today was one of those days. Often the most interesting things to discover are found right in your own backyard or in our case, just across the St. Lawrence Seaway.

From our front door, down the oak lined streets of St. Lambert, diving into the stream of bustling bikers, roller bladers and a handful of walkers we head over the St. Lambert Locks, along the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1 race track, and through the surprisingly well

maintained gardens on Ile Notre Dame. The man-made island was host to Expo 67 – Montreal’s magical World’s Fair. I decided to take some photos of a couple remaining pavilions from Expo

We walked along the left part of the track.

We walked along the left part of the track.

67 and compare them to what they looked like 47 years ago.

We were able to see the Jamaican, Canadian, and French pavilions. On a future trip we’ll go back and look at the Korean, Tunisian, American pavilions and anything else that may still exist. One other item we saw was an old grandstand, long abandoned. I’ll sift through some old photos and see if I can figure out what it was a part of. Got it, was part of the Canadian pavilion.

A couple nice things about our outing this morning:

  • It was free
  • It was walking distance from home
  • We were able to teach our son a little about the history of our city
  • It was a beautiful sunny day (summers are short in the great white north so we appreciate days like this)
  • The gardens were in very nice shape and it was relatively unpeopled


The Jamaican pavilion in 1967 and 2014

Jamaican pavilion 1967

Jamaican pavilion 1967


Jamaican pavilion 2014 (Bruce Hollingdrake/Great Let's Go)

Jamaican pavilion 2014 (Bruce Hollingdrake/Great Let’s Go)

Part of the Canadian pavilion



Canadian pavilion Bruce Hollingdrake / Great Lets Go)

Canadian pavilion (Bruce Hollingdrake / Great Let’s Go)

French Pavilion – now the Casino de Montreal

French pavilion 1967

French pavilion 1967


The Quebec pavilion


Quebec pavilion and Casino Bruce Hollingdrake / Gret Lets Go)

Quebec pavilion and Casino (Bruce Hollingdrake / Great Let’s Go)

And the parting shot is a little history for those who might not know about Expo 67, enjoy.


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