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The Faroe Islands – Here Is Why You Should Visit This Gem

Faroe Islands -

It is no secret that we LOVE to travel and want to see as many places in the world as possible. We tried last year but only managed a smidgin, that being 25 countries. I daydream of our next destination and change my mind fairly often as it’s so hard to choose! But the Faroe Islands caught my attention. That’s mostly thanks to Nataly and Jeroen. We may officially have become their stalkers 😉 But perhaps still a few steps behind them.

First time I came across their lovely blog was when we were trying to decide where to go in Portugal and her post on Nazare sold us! We even ended up renting the same apartment they had done. Next, we were looking to spend about 10 days between Thailand and Bali and again, Nataly to the rescue! Their time in Taipei got our attention and we had a very memorable stay and can’t wait to return someday.

Well, this time it’s the Faroe Islands. They spent a few weeks on this stunning, otherworldly place and we are officially in love.

If you are looking for something different and still somewhat off-the-beaten-path, perhaps you might want to consider the Faroe Islands. Where are the Faroe Islands? Well, they are about halfway between Iceland and Norway. They are considered an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.

Lonely Planet certainly can transport you to the island and make you imagine what it would be like to explore this beautiful land.

The forgotten Faroes are just a short flight from the UK, yet they’re way off the standard traveller’s radar. Adrift in the frothing swells of the north Atlantic, this mysterious 18-piece jigsaw puzzle of islands is at once ancient and very modern. Multicoloured cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches add focus to the grandly stark, treeless moorlands. Timeless networks of cairn-marked footpaths crisscross craggy layer-cake mountains. But even the tiniest once-inaccessible hamlets are now linked by a remarkable series of road-tunnels. And even as you bob around the dramatic fjords on a 70-year-old wooden sloop, your mobile phone is never likely to lose its signal.


The Faroe Islands


Nataly’s photos are sure to convince you to consider this island as your next destination.

“Most people know so little about this far-flung archipelago. To tell you the truth, I myself was one of them – and not that long ago.”

The Faroe Islands

Nataly’s blog is filled with beautiful photos of their nomadic life and places they’ve been. Be sure to check out her other posts as well. Here’s one of her posts on the Faroe Islands


“In the evening, we left the village of Tvøroyri and climbed up the hills. It was very windy up there. The wind knocked me over several times. My hair got all tangled. But I didn’t want to miss the lake – how could I?”

The Faroe Islands


Aileen writes a pretty detailed post about her visit to the island and will give you a good idea of what to expect. Make sure to check out her video as well.

“It might still be an understatement to say that the Faroe Islands are a natural masterpiece; but either way, it is my hope that you will see the outstanding beauty of this place in the flesh!

I bet that you have this now on your travel bucket list and surely, it would be my pleasure to help make your travel planning easier… and so, with this post, I give you the ultimate travel guide for the Faroe Islands — complete with infos, tips, resources, and itinerary that you’re free to customize depending on the length of your stay or the style of traveling that you will do! Enjoy!”

The Faroe Islands


Who doesn’t love sheep? Did you know there are more sheep than humans on the Faroe Islands? and the Faroese definitely have a sense of humour as they decided to get their beautiful land on google maps by placing cameras on the sheep.

“When the tech giant heard about the Sheep View project, they thought it was “shear brilliance” and, in August 2016, they supplied the Faroese with a Street View Trekker and 360-degree cameras via the Street View camera loan program so that residents and tourists alike could assist the sheep in capturing even more images of the beautiful archipelago, using selfie sticks, bikes, backpacks, cars, kayaks, horses, ships and even wheelbarrows.”

The Faroe Islands


So, are you convinced? Want to plan your trip to the Faroe Islands? I certainly do 🙂

Here’s Visit Faroe Islands with information on how to get to The Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are easily accessible from the United States of America and Canada.

All of these destinations have non-stop flights from a host of cities in the USA and Canada, which means that getting to the Faroe Islands only requires one stop-over. In many cases you can depart from cities in the USA and Canada and arrive in the Faroe Islands on the same day. It only takes one hour to fly directly from Reykjavik in Iceland or Edinburgh in Scotland to the Faroe Islands. Flights from Copenhagen are only two hours. Easier than you thought, right?

The Faroe Islands

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